Penzance Improv

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Welcome to Penzance Improv

Improv beginners workshops are a great way to start your journey into Improv, Acting, and Comedy. These workshops are great fun and you’ll make new friends along the way.

What is Improv?

Improvisation, or Improv for short, involves acting out unscripted scenes. You’ll be creating characters, dialog and physical movements spontaneously with other members of the group. If that sounds scary don’t worry, we’ll start with some easy games that will help you develop the skills you need to make it enjoyable and uplifting.

Improv will help develop acting, speaking and listening skills, and enhance the way you interact with other people in social situations. Great for boosting self confidence, these classes will also help with public speaking and presenting. Suitable for all ages (18+) and experience levels.

A typical Improv workshop will include warm-ups, games and scene work. You’ll be encouraged and guided through the session, and we provide a safe, inclusive and non-judgemental environment.

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